A Push-Poll Scandal?

For anyone not yet convinced that Huckabee hasn't earned his nickname "The Huckster", check this out from Newsweek:
"A nonprofit group accused of using aggressive telephone 'push-polling' to attack opponents of GOP hopeful Mike Huckabee shares major donors with Huckabee's official presidential campaign, according to government records.
Common Sense Issues is a tax-exempt group registered in Delaware whose organizers have acknowledged the use of controversial telephone polling tactics to promote Huckabee's presidential bid—and allegedly to trash the campaigns of the former Arkansas governor's rivals. The nonprofit also helped set up and run Trusthuckabee.com, a Web site that was involved in front-line efforts to recruit and mobilize Huckabee supporters to turn out for the Iowa caucuses.
Rival candidates have criticized Common Sense Issues's tactics, questioning whether the group's ties to the Huckabee campaign are really arms-length—as required by federal law. The Huckabee campaign has distanced itself from Common Sense Issues, renouncing its support and joining his rivals in calling for investigations into the nonprofit's activities."

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Here's a recording of one of these polls! Where's Ron Paul?