Doubting McCain

Great article! From To The Point News:
"it's hard to trust a man who is drunk - not with booze but with his ego. A man ego-drunk past the 3rd stage of drunkenness, and into the 4th.

Perhaps you have heard the joke about the 4 stages of drunkenness. The 1st stage is, 'I'm handsome!' The 2nd stage is, 'I'm rich!' The 3rd stage is, 'I'm bullet-proof!' The 4th and final stage is, 'I'm invisible!'

A 72 year-old geezer still thinks he's a dashing fighter pilot, 'Ace' McCain. That was his Navy nickname, not because he shot down enemy aircraft, but because he was a 'reverse ace,' having destroyed five of his own airplanes.

He's rich because he dumped his crippled wife who raised his kids and waited for him during his years of captivity to have an affair with then marry a hot young blonde with millions from her millionaire father - millions that financed his run for office.

He thinks he's bullet-proof because his career is built upon a pose of being not just a war hero, but more of a war hero than any other war hero. And he is so ego-drunk that he thinks all the skeletons in his closet are invisible."

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