Obama Teleprompter Hardest Working Presidential Appliance in Memory

It seems that Barack Obama's addiction to his teleprompter is helping to blur the line between reality and comedy. Case in point, these 2 videos:

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How Many Assistants DOES the First Lady need?

Well, if you guessed 22, you'd be correct. That's right! Even though the President's wife does not draw a salary, she still employs a staff of 22 at a cost to us the taxpayers of over 1.5 million dollars. According to this WND story, this exceeds Laura Bush's extravagant and inexcusable use of 17 assistants.

Even though the actual total the story quotes is below 1.5 million, if one considers any travel pay--per diem, lodging, car rental and other such extras--this number easily could be closer to an actual cost of 3 million dollars or more. The Executive Branch really needs a good audit, don't you think?

Obama Refers to himself 132 times in one speech

Great find from RealClearPolitics. "But it's not about me"