MS Propoganda

The IW Center
Naw, that's not a new software package from Microsoft. It's what you could call the "Prodcast". This is a regular offering on the Information Worker Center website, where regular folks can hear the latest from the MS Mothership. Similar to the Drive Time CDs which Microsoft used to offer to folks in the information industry, this is available to anyone and helps users understand the joys of new Microsoft toys. Need a good reason to upgrade your version of Microsoft Office once again? Check out the site and you're sure to get the details on what makes the latest version of product X from Bill Gates and Company such a must-have buy.

Freedom to Fascism

Aaron Russo's documentary on his quest to learn about whether or not the Federal Income Tax is legal or not. This is a pretty interesting movie! (1:51:16 long)

Ron Paul Rising

Last post tonight. "He's catchin' on!"

Something Big - YouTube Debate Ad

This ad does a great job of conveying the feeling of the Ron Paul Revolution in only 30 seconds. Nice job!

Proud to Call Ron Paul Our Next President

Great Ron Paul ad on YouTube!

We Want Ron Paul Music Vid

OK, this is one really excellent RP video!. Check it out!

Don't Believe the Elitist Media Lies About Ron Paul

The "greatest hits" of media BS about Ron Paul. Right here, one can see why the US media is worthless. Thank God for the Internet!

The Ron Paul Song by Shelby

This is yet another catchy Ron Paul song in a slightly silly video. Great voice and great song! This kinda reminds me of Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me". Awesome video, so here it is below (I'd never seen it till recently!)

UK Media mogul sings for Ron Paul!

Wow! Talk about an endorsement. John Mappin, who is a wealthy media mogul in the UK was so inspired by Ron Paul that he wrote and sang a song for his campaign. He also appeared on the British show The Agenda to discuss how he could be a threat to Hillary Clinton's bid for the White House. Read more at Daily Paul.