No room on Fox - No apologies for downing Flight 655

Something tells me you won't be catching this story on Fox News:
"Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down by the US Navy's guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes on Sunday July 3, 1988, killing all 290 passengers, including 66 children, and crewmembers onboard.

The civilian airliner, carrying passengers from Iran, Italy, the UAE, India, Pakistan and the former Yugoslavia, was en route from Iran's southern city of Bandar Abbas to Dubai when it was hit by two SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles launched from the warship commanded by Captain William C. Rogers III.

Following the tragic incident, ranked seventh among the deadliest airliner fatalities, unapologetic US officials said their naval officers had mistaken the Iranian Airbus A300 for an F-14 Tomcat fighter.

They went on to claim that the Vincennes crew had been under a simultaneous psychological condition called 'scenario fulfillment', and had therefore confused their training scenario with reality and responded accordingly."

[Read More]at Press TV Promises to Out-Green Google Promises to Out-Green Google: "Instead of using Google, or Yahoo the next time you want to search for something on the Internet, try using
Why you ask? White screen space is bad. It eats up energy, and because the site is black it uses less energy, according to Bill Thompson, BBC pundit for the program 'Digital Planet.' Blackle is all black and uses less white space. It connects directly and uses the same Google search engine, just with a sexy black background.
Heap Media, the Australian company that created Blackle, claims that black pixels use less power than Google's bright white home page. So by using Blackle you will be using less energy and reduce carbon emissions."

Excel Tip: Display Last Saved By Date & User

I found this handy tip to date stamp an MS Excel file's last-saved time (and person). (Yes, files do get time-stamped when saved, but if they are ever sent via email, that date-stamp can get over-written when saved off the server to a local hard drive. This little macro stamps the date right into the worksheet.)

Originally found here:

Here's how it's done: Right-click on worksheet tab, select "View Code". Copy and paste this code into the ThisWorkbook module (It features an Excel document icon on it.) It will automatically run when you save the file.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeSave(ByVal SaveAsUI As Boolean, Cancel As Boolean)

Sheets('Sheet1').Range('A1').Value = ThisWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties('Last Save Time')

Sheets('Sheet1').Range('A2').Value = ThisWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties('Author')

End Sub

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