Obama Plays Panda Diplomacy

Wow! We gotz pandaz!!! Funny and sad all at the same time. Love this show!

Former NM governer Gary Johnson looking like a good option for 2012

Former New Mexico Republican Gov. Gary Johnson is a teetotaling triathlete who looks the part of the laid-back Mountain West politician.

But don’t let the jeans and black mock turtleneck he's sporting on his new website fool you: Johnson is starting to sound like a mad-as-hell populist with an eye cast on 2012 and the building fury aimed at Washington.

“I’m finding myself really angry over spending and the deficit,” he said in an interview with POLITICO this week. “I’m finding myself really angry over what’s happening in the Middle East, the decision to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. I’m angry about cap and trade. And I’ve been on record for a long time on the failed war on drugs.”

Is that enough to design a presidential campaign around? It might be, at a time of tea parties, rage at bailouts, job loss and general voter discontent. And there is plainly an opportunity for some politician to harness the anti-establishment, populist grass-roots fervor that is right leaning but untethered to any party at the moment.
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Great Ethernet info every tech nerd should know

Just found this page from Cisco. Definitely good study material for A+, and other cents. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/routers/ps133/products_tech_note09186a00801f5d9e.shtml

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Indeo 5 Codecs for Windows 7 64 bit

When I decided to start this blog, I really wanted to focus on the "gems"--those hard-to-find goodies that I or someone could use down the road. Well, I just stumbled on a good link--thanks to "Moondeath"--at social.answers.microsoft.com that finally helped me solve a problem that stumped me for what seemed like an eternity on Google--about half an hour! (OK, I may have spent a bit more time on this quest with all the dead-ends I tried.)

A little bit of context on this codec scavenger hunt and then I'll get to the link. I had an old LearnKey CBT and decided I wanted to play it on my newly-installed Windows 7 N 64-bit operating system. When I tried to play the CBT, I got an error message saying that vids:IV50 decompressor was not installed. This Indeo video codec is really OLD and is used to running on 32-bit operating systems only. In the midst of my searches, I found a codec installer from Shark007 and another from the venerable K-Lite Megapack (which sounds like a flood of music on a radio station.) These were all useless to me on Win7 64bit. Then, I stumbled upon that board on microsoft.com and on that post from the user with the scary name.

Without further ado, the magic file for anyone that needs this is called codinstl.exe (catchy, huh?) and can be found on this page. Thanks Moondeath and cucusoft!

If anyone finds this post and cucusoft has faded into 'net oblivion, fell free to drop me a comment and I'll see how I can send you the file. Please give me a shout-out if this post is helpful, too. Thanks