McCain Booed by Republicans at Debate

I missed the YouTube debate, but have been putting the pieces together from comments and various clips. This is sort of like the story about the blind men and the elephant—everyone got a different take on the elephant. (No pun intended.)

According to NPR, McCain and Huckabee seemed to do the best. Of course, I've lost all respect for NPR political reporting. It's one of the worst out there. Enjoy the clip! (Ya gotta love Keith Olbermann!) The clip from the debate is below:

Romney supporters stuff FL straw poll ballot box

From the Daily Paul:
This is from some Ron Paul supporters at the St. Petersburg Straw Poll:

"We shot this video in Saint Petersburg at the Straw Poll on Novermber 29th 2007. It was my first time going to one of these events and I bought my ticket and voted ONCE. one vote per person. I saw 10 Ron Paul supporters to their 1. I will never go again. The voting was a scam. There were a small number of Mitt supporters there voting 20 to 30 times each. SCAM!"

"Thank you sir for voting (20 times)!" Is this guy blind or what? (Notice the one guy in Mormon uniform–white shirt and tie.)

Obama Grassroots leader switches to Ron Paul

"My name is Marc Whittemore. I started the original grassroots group ObamaLA and carried it until it was 2,500 people strong. Having done substantially more homework now I am inclined to switch my vote."

It looks like integrity attracts integrity. Congratulations, Marc! You just saved a bunch of money by switching to Ron Paul for President!
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Paul: Supporters buying into stance on Iraq

"NASHUA – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said his opposition to the Iraq war, his strict adherence to the Constitution and calls to change the monetary standard all fueled his GOP fundraising record via the Internet. 'I think the attention-getter is the war because it's a big issue, but I think that prompts a lot of people to go look at our Web site and say, 'Oh, I agree with these other issues,' ' Paul said during an interview with The Telegraph editorial board on Wednesday. The 72-year-old, soft-spoken Texas congressman already had a legendary individual donor base, the third largest in Congress as far back as 1994."

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Depleted Uranium: The best reason to bring the troops home

Invisible War, Part 1
Invisible War, Part 2
Invisible War, Part 3
Invisible War, Part 4
Invisible War, Part 5
Invisible War, Part 6
Invisible War, Part 7

"MS I-pod" Marketing Parody by Microsoft

According to iPod Observer, this popular video, found on YouTube and other sites was actually produced by Microsoft marketing as a way of critiquing their own over-abundance of information on their packaging. (This explains the funny spelling of iPod—intentionally avoiding a trademark lawsuit.) The video is hilarious—a true 'net classic!

Judith Regan explains why Fox loves Giuliani

"Nov. 15 2007 | Of all the allegations contained in former ReganBooks Publisher Judith Regan's lawsuit against her one-time employers at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., the most explosive is the first. Regan charges that News Corp. executives wanted to destroy her reputation because she knew too much about her ex-boyfriend&emdash;former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik&emdash;and that what she knew could be harmful to the presidential hopes of Rudy Giuliani&emdash;whom she depicts as the preferred candidate of News Corp. and its subsidiary, Fox News. According to Regan s suit, 'This smear campaign was necessary to advance News Corp.'s political agenda which has long centered on protecting Rudy Giuliani's presidential ambitions.'

'Regan and the married Kerik had a well-publicized yearlong affair. Their assignations often took place in a lower Manhattan apartment that had been specifically reserved for the use of workers in the aftermath of 9 11. After Giuliani left the mayor's office on January 1 2002, Kerik went to work for him as a consultant at Giuliani Partners. Kerik and Regan broke up later in 2002. In December 2004, according to Regan s complaint, when President Bush tapped Kerik at Giuliani's recommendation to head the federal Department of Homeland Security Regan was pressured to keep quiet and asked to lie on Kerik s behalf. ' "[A] senior executive in the News Corp. organization told Regan that he believed she had information about Kerik that, if disclosed, would harm Giuliani's presidential campaign. This executive advised Regan to lie to, and to withhold information from, investigators concerning Kerik. ... [D]efendants knew they would be protecting Giuliani if they could preemptively discredit her."

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"Stunning": CBS News Discovers "Hidden Epidemic" of Military Suicides

From the Huffington Post:
"Tonight CBS will air the first of a two-part series on the 'hidden epidemic' of military suicides, revealing numbers that CBS calls 'stunning.' The report examines data on the suicide rate amongst veterans once they return home, which indicates a serious mental health issue — and a hidden mortality rate. 'We first started researching military suicides because it had never been done before,' said Armen Keteyian, CBS News' chief investigative correspondent in a statement forwarded by CBS News. 'But when all the data was collected, we were astonished. I had no idea how much of an epidemic CBS uncovered. We expect this to be a wake up call.'"

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CBS Investigates

Picasa vs Adobe Photoshop Album

Author Danny Sullivan writes a good comparison between the Free Google Picasa 2 software and Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0. It's amazing all the free and great software that's currently available to organize your photos!
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Still, if you haven't tried Picasa yet, you're missing out on a really sweet piece of free software. Upload albums of photos to free web pages and then share them with friends. They can get a copy of Picasa and then easily download all of the photos to their computer with one click. That's very cool and a real timesaver!

Sean Hannity meets CHANGE

You say "ambush" like it's a bad thing!

Financial Community Supports Ron Paul

Ron Paul is so money, baby!

Ron Paul for John Paul

Every Catholic deserves to check this out!

Ron Paul for the Long Haul

Wow! What a music video!

Mitt Romney’s a whore of the business class
And a Mormon who says that he supports abortion
Not for civil rights - wants to torture more
wants to double guantanamo with sodomy force
like the freak Guiliani workin’ for the Luminati
he’s a puppet of the banks and the real ruling party (Bilderberg)
he cleaned up the ground zero crime scene bombs
they let him run for prez and the press applauds
he’s a pro-war cross dresser womanizing gun-grabbin’
nothin’ but a fake wanna make new wars happen
pushin’ for a biometric national id card
worse than the George Bush coke-head retard
Fred Thompson, who’s Fred Thompson?
Another fake liar that keeps the world constantly at war
John McCain hold-s on to fame
And he cheers the Iraq Vietnam McCain
We need Ron Paul for the long haul
Cause he’ll stop all the wars where the bombs fall
So it’s Ron Paul, we gotta stand tall
Every other politician made the wrong call and passed the wrong laws
We need a long pause from the lies, that’s why we need Ron Paul
We need truth like the border needs a strong wall (yo, yo), ya’ll

Hillary Clinton is big-money pimpin’
With the cash that the corporations goin’ insane
Cuz she’s Bilderberg pro-war CFR scumbag
She’s plannin’ on invading Iran we better run faster
Lady Clinton wanna manage a police state
Pan-American she bring death like cheese-steak
Barack Obama wanna bomb Iran
But he pretends he’s an anti-war kinda man
Hasn’t said a damn thing about the Patriot Act
Or the fact that most people live in one-room shacks
Or the fact that our economy’s about to collapse
And the fact that most whites won’t vote for a black
And besides, he’s a gun-control free-trade pro-tax
More-war still takes AIPAC kick-backs
Like John Edwards a tool of the Israeli war-crime clean-break murder…
We need Ron Paul, for the long haul
Cuz he’ll stop all the wars where the bombs fall
So it’s Ron Paul, we gotta stand tall
Every other politician made the wrong call
Passed the wrong laws, we need a long pause
From the lies, that’s why we need Ron Paul
We need truth like the border needs a strong wall, ya’ll (yo, yo)

Ron Paul’s 71, a former doctor and Vietnam op
Ten terms in Congress
And he uses the process, the Constitution
The propers, not pushin’ some fake democracy
Voted down Iraq war, said it was illegal
Wanna bring the troops home and end American imperial wars
For the Constitution
While these other politicians sell souls like prostitution
Ron Paul stood tall against the patriot act
All the Abu Graihb torture and never raised taxes
Voted down NAFTA
Voted down CAFTA
Says that the free trade bill’s a disaster
You see we got to stop it all, and return to bilateral trade
And get us out of an age where the people are losing freedom
Get us out of the cage
Or the banks will treat us all like cattle and slaves
We need Ron Paul, for the long haul
Cuz he’ll stop all the wars where the bombs fall
So it’s Ron Paul, we gotta stand tall
Every other politician made the wrong call
Passed the wrong laws, we need a long pause
From the lies, that’s why we need Ron Paul
We need truth like the border needs a strong wall, ya’ll (yo, yo)

Everybody’s fake
We got one chance Ron Paul
So you better bump this song like I’m Carl Walls
Chris Dodd, pissed off?
Well he’s Bilderberg
Joe Biden hidin’ what?
Well he’s CFR
Tom Tancredo was a pro-war Neocon
Sam Brownback outta wear a white-hooded sack
I need some Ron Paul!
Say What?
Bill Richardson, real first name Bildgerberg
Al Gore’s pro-war, read his own killer words
Sure this is a nerve, but I still spit killer verbs
smokin’ the herb, smokin’ the herb, smokin’ the herb
And Dennis Kucinich, with zero percentage
in chance to I vote Ron Paul to the finish
Even Mayor Mike Bloomberg might run
A pro-tax over-board billionaire to ban guns
With the parties that control gotta break that bond
Both parties want wars so they make that bomb
Most politicians lie so they make that dime
Or else we’ll go invading Iran, and then we all die
Yo, it’s all real, man. You know what I’m sayin’, they’re about to run World War IV real soon against Iran, you know so chew on that, bro. They got aircraft carriers in position to strike Iran, moving nuclear-armed planes to launch Armageddon in the middle-east. And if Cheney, and the Pentagon generals and the bankers that control him don’t do it, the next president will. You know, why do you think every single candidate, Obama included, is talking about bombing Iran? You gotta see the big picture, that’s why we call this album Tha Big Picture. You gotta think beyond Iraq, but most of these candidates, including all of the major media darlings are globalist banker hand-puppet leaches off the major international crime syndicate, dealing the oil, dealing drugs, dealing the weapons, but you know what I’m saying Ron Paul is the real deal. I say, death to British Petroleum, death to Shell Oil Company, and Lockheed, and Raithion and SAIC, and Stratcom and Northcom, this is the REAL revolution, this is the real hip-hop, this is Roy Shivers, this is King Solomon, this is talent

Robertson for Rudy (by Jim Wallis)

"Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for president is simply astonishing. Robertson - the television preacher who founded the 700 Club and once ran for president himself - has made opposition to abortion and same sex marriage his political north star and has been a relentless champion of traditional marriage and family values. Remember Robertson's merciless attacks on President Bill Clinton's lapses of sexual morality with Monica Lewinsky? Or his comments about how the 9/11 attacks were the result of America's tolerance for homosexuals and abortion? Now Robertson is for Rudy, a thrice married adulterous husband, who is estranged from his own children and is both pro-choice and pro-gay rights. According to Pat Robertson's twisted moral logic, forgiving the social conservative shortcomings of Republicans is a Christian virtue, so long as the same virtue is never applied to Democrats. But Pat thinks Rudy can beat Hillary, and Pat really cares about winning for the Republicans."
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Giuliani Outed

Rudy Giuliani has caught the wrath of some gays who feel he's flip-flopped on his support of gay rights. Hell hath no fury like a queen scorned! Watch Gays For Giuliani: "A Gay Leader". It's pretty funny.

Ron Paul Support is a Conspiracy, claims National Media

Major media outlets have denied fund raising reports, rally attendance, and record breaking internet support as the work of a small secretive group of Ron Paul supporters conspiring to defraud the public. Is it time for them to give up this conspiracy theory before they lose credibility?

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Ron Paul: November 5th

The Ron Paul Money Bomb. Supporters of Ron Paul will be donating $100 to the campaign in an attempt to break the record for most donations in a single day. Be a part of history and donate!!

True Reason for Ron Paul's Low "Scientific" Polls

Dueling Banjoes - Theme from "Deliverance"

Ron Paul: An American Tune

Simon, Garfunkel and Ron Paul. Nice vid!

Ron Paul - Critical To Get Political Music Video

This is a very catchy song and excellent music video!

Catchy Ron Paul Revolution Music Video

Another Ron Paul Music Video - In the Air Tonight

Ron Paul, Rudy and the German Kid (Treg)

German. Isn't it a beautiful language?