Ron Paul rocks on The Situation Room and The ED Show

Part 1

Part 2
And, although Ed gave Ron Paul a pretty chilly reception on a previous show, he was quite warm and receptive to him here:

Thanks to Lindsey Graham for opening his big fat mouth and dissing Ron Paul! Keep it up Senator!!

It's a Mac, Mac, Mac, MacWorld

MacHeads is an hour-long documentary about Apple nerds and the attraction they have to the software and hardware that comes from Cupertino, California. Watching this makes me glad I don't have much to do with Macintosh anymore--this could have been me!

Must-see Documentary on Food

This is a horror movie, but it's true. We're living in a world where hardly anything is really nutritious or good for us anymore. The Future of Food will change the way you think about food and about the people who bring it to your plate.

Creepy Kids Sing the Praises of Dear Leader

Here's the song that's gotten so much publicity in the news. Ughhhh, ughhhh, ughhhh.

These are a year old, but still timely. This first one's really disturbing, even though it's a parody. The cult of personality really hearkens to Hitler's rise to power. This is pure indoctrination--there's just no way to sugar-coat it.

This one's a pretty funny parody where they pulled out all the stops. Soundtrack once again by the Obama Kool-Aid kids.

Doctors Warn Against H1N1 Vaccine Risks

I'm not sure which is more disturbing--the spread of this disease or of the strong-arm tactics being used to force people to get vaccinated. This is scary stuff. There's more info and discussion over at

The Not-So-Great Depression of 1920

If you can carve out 49 minutes to listen to this video, you'll learn a lot and come to appreciate the insight of Mr. Tom Woods, Jr.

Funniest video I've seen in ages

Big Bird disses Michelle Obama on Sesame Street. I'm sure they won't be playing this on MSNBC.

Keith Obermann gets owned

I'm diggin' this Matt Crowder guy from PJTV. If you've never seen Keith Olbermann --Obama's #2 fanboy behind Chris "thrill up my leg" Matthews--then you probably won't be able to appreciate this much. Still, worth a chuckle.

First post in ages

Just a note that I'm starting up the activity on this blog. It's been too long since I've posted, and I've got no really good reason. I'm anxious to start sharing again. Tech and politics goodies as I find em.

I'm tinkering with the layout, so bear with me until I get this more to my liking. Videos will now be posted HQ, when possible.