Deval Patrick for President

Could this be Obama's vice-president? He certainly likes the way Patrick writes speeches! Notice how he flubs the quote, pauses, and then decides to continue anyways? Funny.

In college, when you write something without citing proper sources, this is known as plagiarism. Usually, they make a big deal about it. Obama obviously didn't think he'd get caught and he obviously wanted to take the credit for saying these things or he would have said, "I like a saying my good friend Deval Patrick has said..." or something to that effect. Patrick is a supporter and I'm sure he was honored to be quoted, even if he didn't get the credit. This should be a red flag to anyone looking at this race objectively, but obviously the Obamamaniacs think their candidate can do no evil. See Part 1 and Part 3 here. (He also like John Edwards.) In Barack Obama, we are seeing the emergence of a BS artist par excellence. You can enjoy his speeches all you want, but he needs a lot more scrutiny or he will screw you and me. (You can quote me on this.)