How Popular is Rudy in the UK?

Who Would The World Elect is a website that detects your IP address and counts your vote under the correct country. For instance,

668 votes for Barack Obama
458 votes for Ron Paul
174 votes for Hillary Clinton
97 votes for Dennis Kucinich
60 votes for Mike Gravel
24 votes for John Edwards
24 votes for Rudy Giuliani
20 votes for John McCain
8 votes for Fred Thompson
8 votes for Mitt Romney
6 votes for Duncan Hunter
5 votes for Joe Biden
5 votes for Tom Tancredo
3 votes for Sam Brownback
3 votes for Bill Richardson
2 votes for Chris Dodd

This is interesting, as Rudy Giuliani recently said he was probably one of the 4 best-known Americans in the UK. (Perhaps, after seeing these results, this would explain why he's doing so poorly on this poll.)

It's not very scientific, but it is interesting to see how at least the educated web-savvy users in other countries see our political process. (Note that Mitt Romney gets much less votes when he's not paying for them.) I would imagine that many of these foreign "voters" have a better understanding of our candidates and their positions than the average American. That's actually pretty pathetic.