Giuliani Is Everyone's Worst Nightmare

"Former New York City Mayor and Republican Presidential contender Rudy Giuliani said this week that he was 'liberals' worst nightmare.' However, the truth is, Rudy Giuliani is everyone's worst nightmare. That Rudy Giuliani is currently trying to cast himself as a conservative is beyond laughable--it is hilarious. This is a man who is unabashedly pro-abortion. He has been seen walking down Fifth Avenue with thousands of homosexuals demanding 'gay rights.' He himself is a cross-dresser. He has had numerous marriages and only God knows how many sexual affairs. He has been one of the country's most radical proponents of gun control. He made New York a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and is a strong proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens. As a prosecutor, his abuse of power and disregard for law are legendary. (See ) In addition, Rudy Giuliani is a senior partner in the law firm that 'represents CITGO, the oil company controlled by Venezuela's anti-American and terrorist-supporting ruler Hugo Chavez.' Giuliani's law firm also acts 'as the exclusive legal counsel for Cintra, the Spanish firm that has been granted the right to operate a toll road in the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) project.'"

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