Another Anti-Rudy Movie: Giuliani Time

Another goodie on Google Video! This is a very thoroughly-researched movie which goes to great length to document the life and career of Rudy Giuliani. The title of the film refers to a catchphrase coined by the NYPD to indicate acceptable police brutality aimed at cracking down on street crime.

The movie does not gloss over the mayors many accomplishments, but it also manages to catch him during his most embarrassing public moments, such as the awkward cross-dressing video made with Donald Trump and as the object of a demonstration where citizens of New York lined up to "throw a doodie at Rudy". At this event, frustrated Big Apple residents were able to toss dung at a depiction of Rudy as the Virgin Mary–a reference to his attack on a controversial artist. Don't miss the ironic clip at the end, featuring the late Bishop Sheen, seemingly lambasting this cradle catholic.

How anyone would want to vote for or support this man after watching this movie is beyond my understanding. It's close to 2 hours long, but if you're at all curious about what makes America's Ex-Mayor tick, I would recommend watching this.