Press for Truth

9/11: Press for Truth is a documentary about how families of 911 victims got together to find answers to how 9/11 could have happened to us. It covers how only through the influence of the 911 families, the US government formed a 911 Commission to report on the disaster, but this effort was met with stonewalling at every turn.

The movie explains that much of the information for what happened on 911 was revealed in the press, but that often key information was often buried, if it was covered at all. According to the film, the press failed to do its job of synthesizing information and it failed to present the kind of editorials that would "connect the dots" on what actually happened.

I've seen many 911 movies, but this account is one that can't be refuted, because it doesn't go into conspiracy theory territory. It simply lifts the veil of deception that blinded so many people for far too long.