A Recipe for Fluoride-free Toothpaste

I've read quite a bit about fluoride and how water fluoridation was probably one of the biggest scams of the 20th century (besides the Pet Rock.) Other than buying some Tom's of Maine toothpaste, I never did much about it.

When my wife recently asked me about fluoride, I googled "fluoride-free toothpaste" and found this article on how to make your own toothpaste. The article is quite good and has links to information about that bad, bad fluoride. Then it gets interesting.

She provides a recipe for toothpaste and then folks start chiming in with their comments. Some tried to cook up a batch of their own home-made toothpaste and lightly burned the inside of their mouth. Others, found the enamel on their teeth being worn out. Still another reported their toothbrush bristles turning brown from their version of the do-it-yourself tooth scrub.

I liked the I-can-make-this-stuff-myself attitude, and am tempted to even try this someday. WWMD? (What Would McGyver Do?) There are some other nice things on the blog, too. So, I thought this was worth a post. Smile!