Fix: USB flash drives won't get assigned a letter in Win XP

I've run into this problem recently at work, where users have numerous network drives mapped to their computer. The flash drives are recognized by the computer, but fail to show up in the drive list under My Computer.

The solution I've found is (with the USB flash drive inserted into a USB port) to use "Manage" under the My Computer "Preferences" right-click menu and then click the Manage Drives icon to bring up the computer drives. Right click on the band that relates to the USB drive and pull down to where it lets you assign a new letter. Try to assign a letter you're not going to need later on.

That's pretty much it. I'm not sure why some drives have this problem and some don't. I have noticed that the drives that have run into problems are formatted with the FAT file system, so this could have something to do with this issue. I hope this is helpful to someone out there. Comments would be appreciated, too.


Jethro said...

ive come across this too - not sure about the fat32 thing but maybe - i think its more related to where the usb drive is auto recognised as say drive K at home and then i get to a clients pc where they have a network drive mapped as K but M is spare, well the usb drive wont show up - so your manage computer method is how i change it also
it seems like the drive remembers where it was mapped to. the weird thing is once i go back to that same clients machine it now remembers where i mapped it to there.